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We are Calix Herbal, a manufacturing company of Natural and Ayurvedic Beauty Products since 1997. We identify ourselves as a leader in promoting Ayurvedic products for naturally beautiful skin, hair and body.

In 2002 and in 2017, we were awarded with a ‘Gold Medal’ for ‘Excellence in Presentation of Special Display’ of Good Living in ‘India International Trade Fair’ hosted at New Delhi Nov 2002 & Nov 2017.

Our Managing Director Mohd. Bilal Khan, a pharmaceutical Scientist is directly handling the product development along with corporate management. He’s well versed with the technical aspects and manufacturing process employed to make top quality cosmetics.

The CEO of Calix Herbal group, Mr. L.A. Khan is Alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and old boy of AMU Aligarh is into Strategic Planning & Managing Corporate Affairs. He’s recognized as an icon in the small scale cosmetic industry and is responsible for bringing innovative ideas to this industry.

Dr. N.P. Singh (BAMS) of Calix Herbal ltd. had been a production chemist in Shahnaz Ayurvedic – Noida, for 8 years and 05 years in Maharishi Ayurveda Faridabad. Since Feb 2000, he is the Head of Production Department of Cosmetics manufacturing facilities at Calix Herbal ltd.


We have a well-established, sprawling distribution channel within India and across American, Middle East and European countries.


80% of our ingredients used in our products are grown within our own four farms situated in the foot hills of Shivalic which is  just adjoining to the forest of Shivalic Hills in District Saharanpur of U.P. Aloe Vera, Wheatgerm, Honey, Mango pulp, Lemon, orange, Neem, Heenna and menthol etc are produced in our fields in chemical free atmosphere .

Our factory is situated in Uttarakhand – the land of most abundantly available natural herbs. In fact has been declared as “ Herbs Producing State” by Indian Government because of its immense potential in Herbal plantation and rich biodiversity.

Due to self growing  of herbs without use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides, direct quality control on ingredients by hand picking of herbs our cosmetics is different from others and is tested on utmost quality standards. Our products are a great combination of naturally grown herbs and herbal extracts with innovative technology at reasonable prices.


Our production process starts from grinding  of handpicked and naturally grown herbs which are grinded to mid-sized in closely monitored grinders at our factory. The grinded herbs are carefully poured into the blender to make a perfectly balanced concoction as per the recipe of the product being made.


Furthermore, the ingredients are boiled, as a part of the process, to take out the slurry of the herbs mixture. The boiled extract is taken out by the process of filtration which is used directly as extract in some products while in some products it is used after converting to the powder form according to the requirement of the product.


At our testing lab, we closely examine the raw material and product in various stages of production produce to ensure the quality of the product and assess what more and better can be done.


The testing at our laboratory gives us new developments in terms of variety of products for different usage. This way we produce a good variety of products to serve a wide array of body care needs of the consumers.


By way of drying the powder in the dryers with close supervision we make exfoliate scrubs for glowing clear skin.


Our skin care creams are manufactured by mixing of finely produced powder and the liquid extracts along with oils and wax. Texture of the creams thus obtained is very smooth, uniform and pure in nature.


This poured mass is top up into filling machines which is further poured into packaging bottles and jars and in close supervision these products are then preceded on to laser printing machines for imprinting MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date, product contents and all such necessary details for the knowledge of the consumers. 


Furthermore, these are passed through a shrink machine so that the loosely put plastic wrap can be shrunk to seal the bottles properly to avoid any leakage during transportation of the product to the consumer markets.

Once properly sealed, the prepared products are packaged in cartons and therefore dispatched to their respective destination.


Back in the office, we keep close monitoring on the whole process to ensure that everything goes correctly. Our team of executives keep check of every order, every step in the production unit, every product placement and all requirements to facilitate the production at best quality standards.


“It is a nature’s way for flawless healthy skin”